Very Good Animated Movies for Kids

Today, animated movies are very popular all over the world. Kids do love them very much. In fact, animated movies are so great, exciting that not only kids, but everyone also likes them very much. Because of the high-profile computer technologies, animated movies are now very popular. The graphics designers, animators have been doing really fine. The story started about 2 decades ago. Believe it or not, animation movies have earned more than 1 billion dollars; this proves the sky-high popularity of animation movies all over the world. Out of all animation movies, the 3 animation movies stated below are highly successful. You should watch them as early as possible. Surely, they will blow your mind. You could watch them over and over as they are really fantastic animation movies.

Epic: This movie is really epic. It is a blockbuster released in 2013. This movie has been made following a book. In this movie, we see that there is another world. In fact, the battle between good power and evil power is the plot of this movie. This movie is the story of Mary Katherine who was taken to another world. The evil creatures were known as Boggans. Epic shows everything including romance, action, and adventure. You will love this great movie. Watch the trailer of this movie; you will be dying to watch the full movie online today.

Monsters University: This is another top class animation movie. This movie got a lot of popularity. It was a successful movie when it comes to earning dollars. Wazowksi and Sullivan were the 2 major characters of this movie. They were enemies when the movie started, but became friends later. So, you can understand that there are some twists in this movie. Watch the trailer; you will be very much interested to watch this nice movie.

Madagascar 3: At its name suggests, it is the #3 sequel. Like the previous 2 parts, this part was also very interesting. In this movie, the animals were brought to New York. The plot of this part is also very nice, entertaining. If you listen to the song of this movie, you will love it very much. So, try to download or watch this super hit movie on the internet.

Today, lots of people watch movies online as they have good internet connections. You could also download animation movies online or watch them online. Good luck with animation movies!


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